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Grave Sight etiquette (Charlaine Harris)

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Grave Sight etiquette --

June 29, 2009 --
By Jaclyn Owens --

Death hangs around every corner, lurking in the shadows and the hearts of the wicked, but for Harper Connelly, death hovers over grave sites for her to see. Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris encompasses the elements of every classic novel—mysteries, murders, the ability to see the ghosts over corpses. A lightning strike left Harper with the ability to see the dead, and from this she gained a business (helping families find loved ones) and a severe fear of thunder storms. Along with her step-brother, the duet works to solve cases of murder and missing persons, and during a particularly aggressive investigation, scarcely escape danger themselves.

While upholding many literary conventions, including having an abnormal main character, this book holds an interesting aspect of showing blatant flaws, weaknesses, and pure human qualities in the main characters—a breath of fresh air from the normal super brain mystery solver.

This book would be ideal for older teens even to the middle aged and beyond, though would not be recommended for those under the age of eighteen as there is some slightly graphic content. Overall, the plot is interesting and light despite the constant element of death, and it is a must read for those who enjoy a supernatural air to their murder mysteries.

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