Friday, February 12, 2010

Review of Monster in the Box by Ruth Rendell

From Belleville Intelligencer (Ontario, CA) --


January 27, 2010 --

Ruth Rendell brings back the inimitable Insp. Reg. Wexford in her haunting new crime novel. Wexford is in a reflective mood, both about his personal past and about an unsolved murder case which has bothered him for years. Long before, when he was a young policeman, a woman had been found strangled, and although her husband was a suspect, no one was ever convicted. Another strangling followed and Wexford was convinced that a strange little man called Eric Targo was responsible, although he had no proof. When Targo crosses his path again, apparently accidentally, Wexford is sure he is a psychopath who is taunting him. As Wexford tries to prove he's right, another case crops up, that of a Muslim family whom one of his officers is convinced have been involved in the honour killing of their daughter. (Doubleday)

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