Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Review of Fire and Ice by J. A. Jance

From Oklahoma's NewsOK --

Review: 'Fire and Ice' by J.A. Jance --

By: John Harrington --
February 14, 2010 --

The burned body of a Hispanic woman is found in the Washington Cascades. J.P. Beaumont of the Washington state attorney general’s investigative unit has five other cases with the same method of operation. The victims haven’t been identified, because they’ve been burned, and their teeth were removed. But this victim’s teeth are intact.

At the same time in Arizona, Sheriff Joanna Brady has a murder case. A campground caretaker is found dead in what appears to be an accident. Beaumont’s investigation leads him into Brady’s territory, and it appears their cases may be related. Besides murder, they may involve an international drug and prostitution ring.

It’s a good read for J.A. Jance fans, but the jumping between two states and a large cast of characters may leave you confused.

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