Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Review of Evil at Heart by Chelsea Cain

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Book Review: Books at center of murder tale --

By: Terry Peters --
March 26, 2010 --

- Evil at Heart by Chelsea Cain, Minotaur Books, 308 pages, $31.99.

A roadside washroom yields a horrifying surprise to a young family that brings the police racing to the scene.

As the discovered organ is removed, more body parts surface and then the recognition of a graffiti covered wall's significance leads to one conclusion, the Beauty Killer is back.

Gretchen Lowell, the serial killer whose beauty has brought her a legion of followers, is still at large.

The last encounter between her and detective Archie Sheridan, head of the Beauty Killer Task Force, left the damaged Portland police officer at death's door. Addicted to painkillers, estranged from his family, psychologically battered, Sheridan has checked into a psych ward. But Lowell's heart shaped graffiti is enough to pull him back to the chase as inevitably as his own hand is drawn to trace the same shaped scar that she carved in his chest.

Chelsea Cain is in top form as this third novel rips into the night with the same intensity of her debut, Heartsick.

Her characters continue to evolve, ready to surprise us and keep our attention. With Gretchen Lowell, Cain has created one of the most memorable and dangerous killers in modern fiction.

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