Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ice by Linda Howard

From The Coventry Telegraph --

Ice by Linda Howard --

By Marion McMullen --
Dec 8 2009 --

MORE than winter chills can be found between the pages of best-selling writer Linda Howard's Ice.

An ice storm is looming and Gabriel McQueen sets off to make sure former schoolmate Lolly is not trapped alone in her mountain-side home.

But events take a sinister turn when he spots strangers with guns at the property and Lolly a prisoner. Lolly and Gabriel weren’t exactly the best of friends back at school, but now they have to join forces if they want to survive the elements and armed killers.

Linda Howard never disappoints and Ice offers a potent mix of danger and romance.

The biting cold seems so real that you’ll start longing her a hot water bottle, but temperatures certainly rise as Lolly and Gabriel realise they have more in common than they thought.

A real case of love in a cold climate.

Rating * * *

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