Friday, December 18, 2009

Quartet of crime-busters from arcane to addictive (J.D. Robb)

From Winnipeg Free Press --

Quartet of crime-busters from arcane to addictive --

By: John Sullivan --
12/12/2009 --

There's nothing terribly futuristic about the milieu of the even-more-enduring In Death series by J.D. Robb (aka insanely prolific romantic suspense author Nora Roberts), an envisioned 2060 so overtaken by recent technology as to seem almost quaintly understated.

No matter. Lieut. Eve Dallas and her bad-boy zillionaire husband Roarke are as addictive as ever in Robb's latest installment, Kindred in Death (Putnam, 384 pages, $34), where Robb/Roberts again explores her dark side in a series of grisly rape-murders.

Some Robb fans seem put off by this twisty tale of grim vengeance killings, leavened only by Eve's neo-feminine snarkiness, social ineptitude and patented Dallas-Roarke banter. Tough. Eve knows what she's about, and her legions of acolytes do too.

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