Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cornwell top author of forensic science novels

From The Daily American --

Cornwell top author of forensic science novels --

October 20, 2009 --

It is the week before Christmas and Dr. Kay Scarpetta has offered her medical examiner services to New York City for free because of the economy.

She is scheduled to appear on a talk show on CNN. As part of her contract with CNN, the host knows not to ask her about active cases, but does so anyway. The show’s producer wants Scarpetta to have her own talk show, but she isn’t interested.

Scarpetta is investigating the death of Toni Darien, 26, who was murdered while jogging. The case Scarpetta is asked about on the air is the disappearance of Hannah Star, a financial whiz who is presumed dead. Moments after the telecast, Scarpetta receives an ominous package - which may be a bomb.

Her posse is back in this, the 17th novel in the series: Her husband, Benton Wesley, her niece, Lucy, a computer genius, and former cop Pete Marino.

Nobody writes better forensic novels than Patricia Cornwell, and this one of her best. A great plot, tense development and excellent characters. After 20 years of Scarpella novels, the characters have become a cast of old friends. Maybe they don’t always act correctly - witness Marino’s earlier alcoholic blackout - but that makes them more real.

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