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The Romance Reader: 'Kindred In Death' (J.D. Robb)

From Seattle-Tacoma The News Tribute --

The Romance Reader: 'Kindred In Death' --

By LEZLIE PATTERSON; McClatchy-Tribune News Service --
Published: 10/28/09 --

It's easy to see why many romance readers unwaveringly and staunchly love this series.

There's Roarke, the perfect hero.

There's Eve, the perfect heroine.

There are Peabody, Summerset, Mavis, Feeney and the rest of the perfect supporting cast.

Then there are the stories, each perfectly crafted to blend in a compelling murder case while still watching Eve and Roarke enjoy their unique brand of marital bliss.


Nora Roberts (writing as Robb) does an incredible job of making these futuristic romances appeal to the masses - even those who usually eschew futuristic stories and many (including men) who normally shun even the idea of reading a romance.

Each book in this series, which she began in 1995 with "Naked In Death," is exciting, entertaining and sizzling. Twenty-nine books later, readers clamor to read new stories about Eve and Roarke as soon as they hit the shelves.

And each book is one to savor.

Like many of the "In Death" books, "Kindred In Death" (due out Nov. 3) has a disturbing murder that Eve, with assistance from Roarke and the others, must solve while trying to balance the personal life that often baffles and befuddles her.

It's as Roarke often reflects, "For a woman of her sometimes terrifying courage, she feared the oddest things."

A cop's daughter is killed and Eve is on the case. In between chasing leads and interviewing witnesses, she's trying to figure out what she's supposed to do to help her friend Louise with her wedding.

The murder is despicable, just like the villains Eve ultimately catches.

And of course Roarke is there when he needs to be, lending assistance, support, love and passion.

Like the rest of these books, you'll finish this one looking forward to the next.


Overall rating: 5 of 5. The trademark witty repartee is there, the compelling suspense and the sizzling romance. Not to mention Roarke. These books make you laugh, cringe, sigh and cheer.

Hunk appeal: 10-plus. Again, Roarke is the measure that no other hero can live up to. It's really not even fair to compare others to him.

Steamy scene grade: XXXX. Not fair at all.

Happily-Ever-After: Very good, because it ends on a happy note after Eve (with Roarke) catches the bad guys. But a guest star in the series, 89-year-old Charity, makes catching the bad guys even more fun.

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