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J.D. Robb novel Kindred in Death scheduled for November 2009 release

From Examiner --

J.D. Robb novel Kindred in Death scheduled for November 2009 release --

by Carol Thomas --
August 9, 2009 --

Nora Roberts' alter ego, J.D. Robb, has scheduled Kindred in Death, the latest title in her In Death series, for a November 3, 2009 release. According to’s U.K. website, Kindred in Death will begin with the death of Deena McMasters, the teenage daughter of Captain Jonah McMasters, who heads the NYPD drug squad. Deena has been raped and murdered in her bedroom.

Later, a video of the badly beaten Deena surfaces which links her death to a criminal associated with McMasters. A second rape and murder, followed by a second video, soon reveals a killer whose intent is "merciless retribution."’s U.S. website is less specific in the information it provides about Kindred in Death, revealing only that a recently promoted NYPSD captain and his wife return early from a vacation to discover their sixteen-year-old daughter’s brutal murder. The captain specifically asks that Eve be assigned to investigate. When Eve and her colleagues think they are ready to arrest the killer, they discover that he has been using different identities to taunt them.

Both of the major Robb and Roberts fan sites, ADWOFF and WikiInDeath, have been speculating for months about the contents of Kindred in Death. WikiInDeath members have searched for clues to the book's plot in the covers of both the American and British editions. One ADWOFF participant recently revealed on their private "Spoiler Board" forum than an excerpt from Kindred in Death can be found in the paperback edition of the book’s predecessor, Promises in Death. That paperback edition was released on July 28, 2009.

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