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Interview, Chat and Contest with Author Charlaine Harris

From Bitten by Books --

Interview, Chat and Contest with Author Charlaine Harris --

by Site Hostess --
22 October 2009 --

A big welcome to our readers today! Be sure to read to the end of the interview to find out how to WIN the fabulous prizes being offered up.


Hi Charlaine!

Welcome to Bitten by Books, we are excited to have you here today!

I would like to thank you taking the time to join us for the question and answer session with our readers. It has been very interesting to get to know more about you and what makes you tick as a writer! Readers, if you haven’t done so already please stop by and get your copy of Charlaine’s newest book A Touch of Dead.

BBB: What are the most challenging and the most rewarding aspects of writing?

CH: Challenges? Every day is a challenge. I hate to use a sea metaphor, but being a writer is like being the entire crew of a large ship. To extend that, when you reach your destination in one piece . . . that’s a great reward.

BBB: Do you consider different books paranormal romance or urban fantasy? and do you think it is important to distinguish between the two?

CH: It’s not important to me personally, no. But to the people shelving the books it’s quite important, because readers are looking for a book skewed more to romance or more to adventure, and they want to look in the right place.

BBB: Do you feel that the South provides a particularly rich setting for vampire and other paranormal fiction?

CH: I’ve read great paranormal fiction set all over the world, so I don’t think so. We southern writers do like to present the South with a flourish, though.

BBB: What is the most ridiculous thing that you have thought about doing to any of your characters but never did?

CH: I think I’d better keep mum on that.

BBB: You mentioned in an another interview that you know who Sookie will end up with. Can you tell us how long we have to wait to find out? Or, you know, maybe a hint? : )

CH: No.

BBB: How do you keep track of your world building?

CH: Not very well. Actually, I’ve had to hire a couple of people to help me on continuity. After this many books in the series, I may blank out on some bit of business I did five years ago, say.

BBB: What do you feel are the benefits of the new electronic readers such as Kindle 2 or Sony Digital Book Reader to the environment?

CH: I know my agent loves his, because he gets so many submissions it cuts way back on hauling a ton of paper around. And I see people on vacation very happy at having so many books at their fingertips without having to pack them. I myself still prefer to hold a book.

BBB: What impact do electronic readers create on the bottom line for authors in the end? Do you feel they have a negative impact or positive, or no impact at all that you can see?

CH: I’m sure they’re going to have an impact, but I’m not sure what it’ll be in the long run.

BBB: What one thing would you change about the TV series if you could?

CH: Honestly, I can’t think of a thing. I am so pleased with the way it’s going, it would be ridiculous of me to want more.

BBB: What else do you currently have in the works? When can we expect your next book?

CH: A Harper Connelly comes out later this month, the collection of Sookie short stories just came out and it’s doing well, DEATH’S EXCELLENT VACATION with an original Sookie story will be out next August, and Dead in the Family will be out next May.

BBB: Have we seen the last of Alcide?

CH: Gosh, no.

BBB: Will we ever see anymore of the fae???

CH: Yes.

BBB: Where do you see the urban fantasy genre headed? Can you see it slowing down in the near future, or do you think that the immediate future is pretty bright for it?

CH: I see no signs of a slowdown. It’s an exciting genre with some fantastic talent.

BBB: if you had to choose for yourself, would it be Bill or Eric? Or Sam?

CH: Fortunately for me, I get all three.

BBB: How do you navigate the actual story writing, e.g. do you pre-plot it all out, get the main details and pantz it, divide up chapters, etc.?

CH: Ha! I wish I were that organized. I just flex my fingers and go.

BBB: Soooooooooooooo which vampire was Sookie’s great-grandfather referring to in the last book?

CH: Mum on that one.

BBB: Do you have any plans for book signings/ readings anytime soon? If so, where can our readers find you?

CH: All they have to do is check my Calendar on my website to find out where I’ll be, and when.

BBB: If you could choose to be either a shapeshifter or vampire for eternity, which would you choose and why? Or would you be some other creature?

CH: I like being human, actually.

BBB: Did you ever in your wildest dreams ever think your series would become such a huge success and the show as well?

CH: No, I did not. It’s been a wonderful ride.

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